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TDYH NZ Summary

Updated: Jan 20

Welcome! Here is a summary of the options TDYH currently offers but you know what? It never hurts to ask, sometimes I can help with random queries so send a message and let's go from there.

But back to the standard TDYH services:


The Dog You Have classes are divided into age groups:

Preschool - from 8 weeks to 16 weeks of age, puppies do not need to be considered as fully vaccinated, but must have at least one vaccination on board. There is some wiggle room so if you are not sure or have a weird question, send it my way! These are held most months.

Puppy or juniors - fully vaccinated but are beyond the critical socialisation period, usually from 4.5 months to 11ish months old. Again, there can be some wiggle room because different breeds or sizes mature at different rates so please reach out with any questions. These are super popular and held most months, often with a waiting list. Which group you go in depends if you have attended preschool or had one on one sessions before.

One on ones

These are arranged for week day afternoons, though if none suit, sometimes there's the odd weekend available. I come to you for an hour and then send a report afterwards with notes for you to refer to. There is a separate blog called "what to expect when you're expecting (me to visit)" that goes in to more details on this topic.


There are SO MANY alternatives!

Have you got something in particular you would like to learn? Even if I do not go in to detail with it, it is worth reaching out because it is quite likely I can help point you in the right direction.

There are courses, videos, blogs, articles, podcasts, books; you name it. There is also a massive variety of "techniques" when it comes to dog training and because it is not a regulated industry ANYONE can call themselves a trainer - so whatever you decide to do, be critical and never do something you're not comfortable with.


I do not purposefully or intentionally utilise aversive techniques or tools.

I aim to be as force free and fear free as possible.

I aim to foster understanding and promote education and welfare for canines.

If you are open to learning, I will do everything I can to help you.

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