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Cute Puppy

Puppy preschool

Have you got a puppy between 8 weeks and 16 weeks of age?


Puppy preschool is where you and your young puppy can begin the learning journey in a fun class environment.



One on one

If you want to learn, to improve, to understand...

Or if you're pulling your hair out...

Or if you haven't got a dog but are thinking about it...

Or you have an idea and need some help...


Or if you want to chat..


I'm here for you!

Waiting for the Dessert


Not your typical obedience sessions, these classes will set you up with simple exercises and give you the chance to experience various scenarios in a safe, controlled environment.


Life skills, building a relationship, focusing and engaging with owners are the main aims of these block courses. 

Puppy and junior classes are for young fully vaccinated dogs, around 4months to 11 months old. 

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