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Stubborn little so n so



  1. having or showing dogged determination not to change one's attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons to do so. "a stubborn refusal to learn from experience"

Your dog won't do what you want? They are being as stubborn as a mule!

OR have not taught them have not trained for this situation

...they have not experienced this before and do not know what to do have not got a good relationship with them - there is no trust have not motivated them in a way that makes sense to them have scared the heck out of them

... they enjoy conflict more than pleasing your boring human ways have scared the heck out of them in this situation

...something aversive to them is occurring

... you have been unpredictable, and unpredictable is dangerous have not presented your argument or reason well enough :p

... they are in pain are rushing them

...they are not feeling well

...they are struggling to cope in the environment

...they are scared

...the opposition reflex are angry so they are avoiding you

... you are losing patience and they are attempting appeasement because that is their priority are the equivalent of brussel sprouts and the other thing is a fancy delicious sundae

...they are not misbehaving, they are doing what has worked for them in the past, which is what is most rewarding in the moment

So many reasons, but labelling a dog as "stubborn" is above all, not helpful. It is a human thing.

Let's get smarter, not rougher.

PS it is not lost on me that the word "dogged" is in the dictionary to help describe what stubborn means.

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