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The Mr Whippy Response

Without thinking, instantly and in happiness; The Mr Whippy Response.

Mr Whippy and that enchanted tune that plays from the ice cream truck; ahhh the stuff of dreams. When you hear the sound, without thinking, you and most people around will have the same meerkat like response often excitedly saying aloud "MR WHIPPY!!!!!!!!!"

What does Mr Whippy have in common with (dog) training?

Cast your mind back, you may not remember the moment you made the connection between the sound and the dessert. It's quite likely you do not remember not knowing either. Likely at the start you simply copied the excitement of the kids and adults around you. Sound = everyone gets excited = ice cream. But at some stage you clicked: that sound =ice cream.

But what does this have to do with dogs???

Whether you are doing a training session on purpose or not, they are always learning. They have learned from repetition that keys = car, leash = walk. Or pants = being left alone forever.

No one told them, they observed and learned.

Now that you're aware, you can use the power to apply to teaching your dog/s. Plan what you want them to do, break it down, set them up to win, capture the right bits and follow with good stuff. To get you in the mood, an excellent place to start is with verbal marker 1. There are videos on the facebook page or email for notes and more detail.

By the way, the tune is Greensleeves, here's a link to a recording if you'd like to check the reactions of those around you :)

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