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Female dogs in season or heat

Instead of writing a whole blog, here's a link to some great information on what you need to know before your female dog's comes in to season or if you want to know more about what goes on:

To add, in New Zealand there is the Dog Control Act 1996 ( I'm not expecting you to read the whole 'exciting' thing but there is a section relevant to females in heat and that is:

11. Female Dogs in Season

11.1. The owner of any bitch in season must not allow that dog in any public place or on any property other than that occupied by the owner,

except: 11.1.1. Where the dog is taken to another property with the consent of the occupier; or

5 11.1.2. Where the dog is taken to a registered veterinary clinic for treatment, provided that the dog is transported in a way that avoids, as far as possible, contact with other dogs.

11.2. Except during planned mating, the owner of a bitch in season must ensure that the dog is confined in an appropriate enclosure or controlled to prevent contact with other dogs and that the dog is adequately exercised while confined.

Many people are unaware of this so please share to help educate everyone on what's needed during this time, it'll keep dogs safe and help with the hundreds of "accidental litters" of puppies born every year.

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