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Over the Christmas break I was ill for a couple of days. (not pandemic related)

While in bed, the animals seemingly knew and thankfully were all on their best behaviour. Quiet, cuddly, non demanding, simply chilled out.

When it came time to reenter the world, even though on the mend, I was tired, sore and grumpy. As in, probably shouldn't even talk to me kinda grumpy then tired, then back to snappy. Now healthy and back to normal, this got me thinking...

Supposedly, I belong to Homo sapiens sapiens, "the wise human;" the sub species consisting of only modern humans.

As part of this intelligent mature wise species, there are many incredible things we as individuals and collectively, are capable of.

However when feeling less than 100% I was incapable of the basics such as being a polite productive member of the household.

If WE can't be, how can we and why should we, expect our dogs to be perfect all the time?! They are sentient beings, not pot plants.

Please note: Sudden changes in behaviour, get a vet check. Even though animals can hide a lot from us, feeling under the weather or in pain will show, sometimes only in a subtle behaviour change.

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