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Introducing the squad

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

A while ago and unfortunately for a while, we fell into the trap of treating the dogs as one…the three musketeers. In hindsight, we saw an increase in "undesirable behaviours" and the frustration that goes along with it. Taking them for walks and all the dog related stuff became more like chores. Luckily for us, they continued to get on fine. Luckily for them, we got smarter.

These three dogs are three individuals. They each have their own things they really enjoy doing. The reasons why are not as important as is the recognition of this – three dogs are three separate beings.

Considering this, introducing!

Wilson loves going for long walks and playing tug of war…he does not like kids hooning past on skateboards, long car rides or fireworks. He can be bit of a snob until he knows you and is a total “mummy’s boy.”

Marley loves playing with toys – fetch, dribbling the ball, bursts of the flirt pole, being brushed and sniffaris. He does not like small unpredictable noisy children, some other dogs, or the courier driver. He LOVES most edible things which is handy because he is on supplements for his joints.

Izzy loves being tucked up in bed, rides in the car and playing with puppies in her weird wee way. She does not like strange dogs rushing up to her or rough play of any sort. She has come a very long way since she has been with us but that is a story of its own.

I had better include the cats, or they will seek revenge.

Johnathan (on the left) loves playing with toys, clicker training, being in the garage rafters, anything super soft like my dressing gown and dogs. He’s a bit of a nutter and has his own crazy parties.

Patrick (on the right) loves sitting under his favourite shrub, belly rubs, stealing hair ties and putting white fluff over every person he meets but at the end of the day he is a “daddys boy.” He hates flea and worm treatments and will run around glaring after this has been done.

In summary, for multi character households, figure them out as individuals. Give them time apart from each other to enjoy your company one on one and have a special thing you do together. They will be more content, it is amazing stress relief for you to be in the moment and you’ll appreciate them even more.

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